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Free To Use Ecommerce Platform

Born of Open Source. Designed for Business

Made for Search,
Social and Mobile

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Responsive Bootstrap 3 means there is no extra cost to start selling on mobile devices.

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and Mobile Payments

Don’t just look pretty on mobile, perform on mobile. Close the deal, increase revenue from mobile traffic.

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Nothing is growing faster than mobile ecommerce. Loaded is designed to make the most of it.

Free, Open Source and Customizable

Built to be customized, without breaking. Best of breed platform, well documented and supported.



Templates for Loaded 7 now available from Template Monster


Latest Bootstrap 3 Template Framework.

Create Great Looking Ecommerce Sites Ready for mobile.

Designed not just for the challenges of today, but tomorrow. Loaded 7 is Made for Mobile.
Using HTML 5 Responsive Bootstrap 3 means there is no extra cost to start selling on mobile devices.
There is no cost at all. It’s completely free to download.


Powerful Ecommerce Capabilities.

100′s of free features, unlimited products, unlimited possibilities. From coupons to newsletters to CMS, it has earned the name Loaded Commerce. Advanced Pro features take it to the next level. All designed with decades of experience providing ecommerce to merchants all over the world.


Design, Brand, Make it Your Own.

Open Source Boostrap templates means lot of templates, and easy to edit as well. Plus we give you admin controls so you can edit your template without knowing any HTML


Free. Open Source. You Own Your Code and Customers.

Some solutions lease you technology and keep your customers. Other solutions are free but powerless or hard to use. While still others are powerful, but expensive and propriety. Loaded Commerce is easy, powerful and it’s all yours to do with as you please.


Extend it With Your Own Code, or Addons.

The next great ecommerce platform is here. Cloud empowered Addon store and core code updater. VQMod hook system, MVC code framework and bootstrap HTML 5 Responsive template engine and active and aggressive core development team made right here in the USA.


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Loaded 7.002.2 Released
product selector

Loaded 7.002.2 Released

We are proud to announce the release of 7.002.2. A major bug fix release with some new features. this release contains 50 enhancements. 45 bug fixes 5 improvements. Now merchants can create credit card tokens only if they want to wait to charge a card when an item ships with the new Loaded Payments module.  For merchants with large product databases, it is now very easy to select a product to add to a order with the new Ajax Product Search Selector. You can now customize your CSS in the default template without altering the template files via the Custom CSS tab in the branding manager.  We have updated the default infoboxes to separate the information pages from the product categories. You c... »