Loaded 7 Pro stable released

Loaded 7 Pro stable released
Pro is ready. Upgrade Now.

Loaded 7 Pro is out of Beta. It is ready for you to start re-building your site for the new mobile commerce landscape.


Quantity Price Breaks (QPB) now supported in Loaded 7 Pro. Easily add custom price breaks to any product.

pro - qty break

Real time JavaScript updates of the product pricing for quantity discounts.

pro - qty break - catalog - product page

Quantity Price Breaks are applied in real time to items in the shopping cart as well.

pro - qty break - catalog - cart page

Also QPB works in conjunction with special pricing. Your customers will get the best price, either the special or the QTY Break price when both are present.

Loaded 7 Pro continues to leverage powerful sub products to create product variants with SKUs, inventory tracking and dedicated images.

pro - sub products

The Upgrader now supports Pro product data such as Sub Products and QPB. It will also convert your customer group assignments for future B2B stores.

We have special Introductory Upgrade Pricing for 6.5 – these will convert your 6.5 license to a Loaded 7 Pro license. You can also purchase Loaded 7 full license at our Introductory Rates.
Upgrade Pricing Full License Pricing 

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By Sal on March 3, 2014 in Releases
I am the Founder and Product Manager of Loaded Commerce. Tell me what you want Loaded to do for you.

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