6.5.1b Released CE/Pro/B2B

6.5.1b Released CE/Pro/B2B

This is a maintenance update for 6.5.1 fixing critical PayPal module issues as well as other fixes we had complete at the time of this release. It is a replacement patch for 6.5.1/6.5.1a and can be used to patch or upgrade 6.3/6.4

We urge all users to patch or upgrade.

  • PayPal Express Checkout foreign currency Issue
  • PayPal Express Checkout Update sandbox url
  • PayPal Express Checkout shows empty payment transaction activity for 6.5 B2B
  • PayPal Express Checkout Error on multiple items
  • PayPal Express Checkout incompatible with fdms download controller for 6.5 B2B
  • Admin Edit order screen, order products listing not showing when mvs enabled
  • Updated link to HTTPS in side box for loaded payments
  • CKEditor fix for newsletters tool in admin
  • Sub Product name display/save issue for sub names with " - " in them
  • Replaced preg_match in affiliate functions for affiliate signup loop issue.
  • Normal products hidden add to cart when no Sub Products on certain listing settings
  • Main Page Slideshow to look for all images large first to small last
  • Main Page Slideshow added check for folder writable permissions
  • Customer Testimonials RCI removed patch version check, only needed to check for 6.5 not .1 or .1a etc etc

This article was published on Tuesday 09 October, 2012.
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