Announcing cPanel Easy Installer for CRE Loaded

Announcing cPanel Easy Installer for CRE Loaded

Hudson, FL, USA (PRWEB) April 5, 2007 - Chain Reaction Ecommerce, makers of the popular ecommerce shopping cart and web store application CRE Loaded announces the release of a free CRE Loaded Easy Installer for cPanel. Web hosts using cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) can now easily install CRE Loaded by simply placing a special URL in WHM. The installer allows a hosting end customer to install an unlimited number of CRE Loaded standard stores and follows cPanel's standard api, so its easy to use and familiar to a host's customers. Easy installer copies all the needed files from the CRE Loaded sync server and after supplying five fields of data the installation takes less than ten seconds.

Like all cPanel installers, it keeps track of all CRE Loaded installations performed and provides install information for each instance. It also allows the end user to perform uninstalls of individual installations. CRE Loaded will maintain its own sync server with current releases at each patch cycle.

Web hosts using cPanel that want to install the CRE Loaded Easy Installer for cPanel can get the installation info at

"We are very pleased to deliver this tool to cPanel users and proud to work with a world-class provider like cPanel. Plans are also in place to work with cPanel's update feature; so that applying patches and staying up-to-date will be even easier for cPanel users," explains Chain Reaction Ecommerce Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Salvatore Iozzia.

Dave Koston, cPanel's Operations Manager stated, "We're always looking to open up doors for our customers. Chain Reaction Ecommerce has mirrored this mission by delivering an easy way for web hosts to install their feature packed ecommerce solution. Bravo."

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This article was published on Thursday 05 April, 2007.
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