Buy Pro or B2B, Get Mega Add-on Bundle 2 FREE

Buy Pro or B2B, Get Mega Add-on Bundle 2 FREE

If you buy CRE Loaded Pro or CRE Loaded Pro B2B between now and the end of the month, you will get our Mega Add-on Bundle 2 for free!

The Mega Add-on Bundle 2 has all of our popular add-on modules bundled together, including these:

The CRE Checkout Success Auto Notification Module sets the "Notify me of updates to this product" Field to "ON" for each product in a customer's order automatically upon order completion. Then you can use the "Newsletter Manager" in the "Tools" category of your admin to generate email product updates and customers that purchased them will be included. Customers can opt out of Product Notification List on their My Account page.

The CRE Checkout Success Banner Module configures your store to display a specific banner to customers upon checkout. Select any banner from any group to display after a purchase is complete. Banners also allow for click tracking and content rotation.

The CRE Checkout Success Message Module lets you configure your store to display a specific message page to customers upon checkout. Select any page from the Pages system to display after the purchase is complete for easy updates to the Order Success page.

It also comes with our CRE Order Status Monitor Module:

With CRE Order Status Monitor you can set basic order criteria for automatic processing, calling for specified orders to trigger a manual verification process. Here's how it works:

  1. You set the trigger criteria based on total order amount, total order weight and/or billing/shipping address Mismatch
  2. The module changes matching orders to a "pending" status and calls for manual verification*
  3. When triggered, a custom message page (which you create in the CRE Loaded Content Manager tool) is displayed to the customer at the end of the order informing them of the verification process
  4. An email is sent to alert you that an order is pending and requires manual verification
  5. Once the order is verified, you simply change the order status and process the order accordingly
  6. If an order is not valid, you can void any real time payments and cancel shipment of the product

When used in conjunction with the CRE File Distribution Management System (FDMS), orders that have downloads are secure until you change the order status, which automatically releases the order.

You can purchase CRE Loaded Pro or Pro B2B HERE .





This article was published on Thursday 05 June, 2008.
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