CRE Focuses on Host and Developer Partnerships

CRE Focuses on Host and Developer Partnerships

Chain Reaction Ecommerce names Gerald Scott to the post of Business Development Manager and announces new Hosting Service Provider (HSP) and Web Developer Partner Programs. Dedicated to growth through partnership, the makers of the popular web store software CRE Loaded have created special discount programs for HSPs who want to offer an ecommerce solution as a value-added service to their customers; and for Web Development professionals that want to use the application as a foundation for their designs.

Each relationship is tailor made to best serve the new partner, but always includes aggressive pricing and access to special application support. "Our recently announced partnerships with companies like SiteGround and Myndbend Multimedia are perfect examples of the kinds of relationships we want to foster throughout the web community," explains Michael Valverde, CEO of Chain Reaction Ecommerce. "Gerald is the ideal person to guide our new partners through the process of set up and manage their ongoing needs," concludes Valverde.

To learn more about the CRE Loaded partner programs, contact Gerald Scott .

This article was published on Monday 30 April, 2007.
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