CRE Loaded Super Bundles Are Here!

CRE Loaded Super Bundles Are Here!

New CRE Loaded Super Bundles Available Now!

If you want an ecommerce store with all the functionality you need built right in, then these Super Bundles are for you: CRE Loaded Pro and CRE Loaded Pro B2B have now been bundled with Content Director (CDS) AND File Distribution Management (FDMS) AND Mega Add-on Bundle 2, to give you an all-in-one ecommerce solution.

Everything you need from CRE Loaded is right here: your online store, the ability to sell downloadable files (such as MP3s, ebooks, software) using FDMS, the power that CDS gives you to manage your web store’s content, and the add-ons you need to maximize Search Engine Optimization, checkout success, and more.

The normal retail price for these, if purchased separately would be $1095 for the B2B Super Bundle and $920 for Pro Super Bundle. We are offering them at a low, low introductory price of more than 40% off, which means you can get the B2B Super Bundle for $649 and the Pro Super Bundle for $549 for a limited time.

To buy the B2B Super Bundle NOW click here .

To buy the Pro Super Bundle NOW click here .

This article was published on Wednesday 27 February, 2008.
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