Customer Groups in CRE Loaded Pro B2B

Customer Groups in CRE Loaded Pro B2B

Customer Groups Make CRE Loaded Pro B2B the Ultimate Tool for Selling to Resellers

The ability to create customer groups with their own pricing allows you to set up your online store with the flexibility to supercharge sales to all of your resellers. This tool is crucial to a successful B2B store, since you want to make sure different customer groups get the agreed-upon pricing in a confidential manner. You assign the discount you want to each customer group, and you never have to worry about it again. If a customer grows and warrants a bigger discount, it is simple to move them to a new customer group via a drop down box in the admin of your ecommerce store.

This is the perfect tool for a manufacturer or distributor selling to e-tailers and/or brick and mortar stores. It’s a great alternative to affiliate selling, as well, because resellers are buying “wholesale” from you first, adding your products to their inventory rather than simply referring buyers to your site via links. This gives your resellers great incentive to move your products. And you can further entice them with the promise of being upgraded to customer groups that have even better discounts once they meet certain sales benchmarks.

This article was published on Thursday 01 May, 2008.
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