FedEx Module Update Released

FedEx Module Update Released

In light of the FedEx Ship Manager API shut down we have released an update to the FedEx module which supports the new web services. As outlined here, all merchants will need to migrate their api accounts: The new module has links to to setup your new API credentials.

This affects all FedEx merchants and all Loaded Commerce and CRE loaded merchants that use FedEx.

The module is free download on our site here: As of this notification (5-31-2012), the updated module is also included in all of the 6.5 software downloads at with the designation of 6.5.a.

This updated FedEx module replaces the outdated FedEx Real-Time Quotes osCommerce based shipping module and is compatible with the following cart versions:

CRE Loaded 6.2.14 STD, PRO & B2B
CRE Loaded 6.3.x STD, PRO & B2B
CRE Loaded 6.4.x STD, PRO & B2B
LoadedCommerce 6.5.x CE, PRO & B2B

The module requires more modern server requirements like SOAP and php 5.3.1+ due to the FedEx web services requirements.

We strongly recommend all CRE Loaded and Loaded Commerce merchants upgrade to 6.5.a as this will be the best way to ensure smooth operation of the module in the required server environment. We cannot guarantee that older versions of the cart will run as expected on php 5.3.1 servers.

We are happy to offer you a 10% discount coupon that can be used for any upgrade purchase: 4fedex

If you require any assistance with your upgrade please contact our professional services division The Reactor Works @

The Loaded Commerce Team

This article was published on Thursday 31 May, 2012.
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