Loaded 6.5.2 patch released

Loaded 6.5.2 patch released

Today we are proud to announce that we have release our latest maintenance patch for 6.5 series. CE, Pro and B2B.

Here are some highlights of the update

  • 5.3 compatibility issue fixes
  • USPS API update
  • Tell a Friend Security/Spam infobox/page removed
  • Fedex rates when company name present 

Here are the trackers officially addressed in this release

[R775] BLOCKER tell a friend source of spam for hackers
[R717] usps january 2013 update for both regular and mvs
[R670] Create order in admin, not following primary address
[R603] Points and Rewards code missing in PRO product pages
[B306] Incorrect Discount for Sale Items when Tax is Involved
[B398] Fix points with OPC in 6.5 b2b for 6.5 B2B
[R802] Loaded payment updated module
[R785] Cresecure module stock problems
[B648] Add to wish List not proper when product attribute are used for 6.5 B2B
[B593] Gift voucher balance decrease all time when we send GV using ‘Send to a Friend’ for 6.5 B2B
[B529] PayPal EC Error on multiple items 6.5.1a for 6.5 B2B
[B312] MVS - Taxes on shipping are not being calculated when using USPS module for vendors in 6.5 B2B for 6.5 B2B
[B698] Admin Reports->low stock report status is not able to change
[B341] Credit Card Validation Class is Outdated
[B674] World Pay Module order history problem for 6.5 B2B
[B606] wrong navigation path in products info page for LC WWW
[B598] In all sub module of Locations/Taxes no validation found for 6.5 B2B
[B473] "Add to Cart" functions improperly when using sub-products for 6.5 PRO
[B570] Administrator admin members-> [New member], admin Groups->[New Group] button not working for 6.5 CE
[B599] Print and close button not available in MVS packing slip for 6.5 B2B
[B609] Product Exchange / Return Packing Slip not proper for 6.5 B2B
[B611] Delivery Information page skipping when product weight is Zero for 6.5 B2B
[B616] FEDEX lower rates when adding a company name for 6.5 B2B
[B629] PayPal Express Checkout on LC not creating an account for 6.5 B2B
[B595] when product weight is zero then edit delivery Address not working for 6.5 B2B
[B622] wrong heading displayed when deletes product option for 6.5 B2B
[B596] No validation in Localization for 6.5 B2B
[B589] Email your Wishlist to a friend no validation found for * Required information for 6.5 B2B
[B618] Affiliates are not recording sales in the admin for 6.5 B2B
[B597] -footer logout not working in all LC versions for 6.5 B2B
[B539] eregi php5.3 compatibility issue in 6.5
[B585] Print Button Not Functioning properly in Admin->Reports for 6.5 B2B
[B587] In Manufacturers, insert New Manufacturers no validations found for 6.5 B2B
[B588] select products ID popup window content not visible properly for 6.5 B2B


This article was published on Friday 29 March, 2013.
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