Loaded Commerce is Under New Management! 75% off coupon!

Loaded Commerce is Under New Management! 75% off coupon!

As of April 30th 2012, Loaded Commerce is now owned and operated by Loaded Commerce, LLC. Loaded Commerce, LLC is a subsidiary of The Reactor Works, Inc, a professional services company specializing in Loaded Commerce that you may have heard of before.

This is a new company

Salvatore Iozzia, the founder of CRE Loaded is the CEO, Richard Stupansky Jr is the COO, and Scott Logsdon is the CTO. We are 100% committed to the growth and success of this product.

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What's Next

We are working on a 6.5.1 patch now, and soon will be unveiling the Alpha preview release of Loaded Commerce 7.0. Thanks to Scott Logsdon, a whole new code base with pure OOP and 100% custom coded features has been built from the ground up. All of our time and energy is focused on Loaded Commerce. Our vision is trained on your needs, mobile, automation, plug ins, and many more things that we hope you will tell us.

New Community Tools

We are setting up new web tools that will allow you to post your suggestions directly into our development management system (where we assign coding tasks, and test them). You will be able to vote, with unlimited votes, on each other’s and our concepts. Together we will design and deploy the ecommerce solution we have all been waiting for; a solution for merchants, for developers, for web masters and web hosts.

Submit your ideas, bugs, (the really nasty ones) here http://roadmap.loadedcommerce.com, and please VOTE for other ideas and issues so we know what is HOT.

Restoring the Loadedness

We will be putting back a lot of payment modules. CRE Secure will still be in the product and we are proud to be one of their premier resellers. Look for some very competitive and complete merchant services offerings from Loaded Commerce in the near future!

We are committed to growing our solutions and channel partners to help promote and sell Loaded Commerce and we are working on aggressive reseller programs for webmasters and web hosts alike. Please contact us if you are interested in any partnerships.

Special Offer

As a token of our appreciation for our existing customers, for the first 10 customers that use this coupon (loadedback75) you will receive 75% off any of our packages. Obviously the most value is in the lifetime license or a yearly subscription. If you’re not in the first 10, use this coupon (loadedback15) during May and receive 15% off your purchase.

Over the next month or so you will see the changes being made, we appreciate your support and patience. We will honor all subscriptions and support contracts.
We look forward to serving you and thank you for your business!!

The Loaded Commerce Team

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This article was published on Thursday 17 May, 2012.
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