Specials by Category Can Boost Sales

Specials by Category Can Boost Sales

CRE Loaded makes it easy for you to run your web store like a big box retailer in far less time with ‘Specials by Category’

Certain department stores and big box retailers really understand the value of putting products on sale. The concept is extremely simple. For example, a big box store might decide to place all flat screen LCD TVs on sale during January. Simply put a tag on the TV with the new sale price or with a percentage off.

CRE Loaded Pro allows you to place products on sale on your web site. In your admin, click on the Marketing tab, then the Sales by Category tab. Select the Category from the drop-down box, enter the percentage discount for the sale, and click Submit. Or you can leave the percentage discount blank, click Submit, and put subcategories or even individual products on sale with either a percentage off or a dollar amount off. Easily running specials will prove to be one of your most valuable ongoing strategies. You will always find products on special at major retailers every single day, no matter what they sell: electronics, clothes, groceries, books, etc. And now you can do it to, no matter what you sell on your etailer site, using CRE Loaded Pro.

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This article was published on Wednesday 09 January, 2008.
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