Upgrading 6.2 to 6.4/6.5

Pre Install Procedures For UPGRADING from 6.2 to 6.4/6.5
Make sure you have made a complete back of your entire site, using a ftp program or your hosting control panel. Also, back up your current database and save it to your local computer.

Upload your new 6.4/6.5 files to a subfolder of the main site, then following the steps below


Step 1: Make a complete back up of your current images folder, and save it to your hard drive (desktop).
Step 2:Using your FTP program, browse to your templates folder and click to view the files inside.
Step 3: Once your in the templates folder, download your current template and save it to your computer.
Step 4: Log into your current sites admin (the one not upgraded) and goto configuration>site maintenance.
Step 5: Clcik the edit button, and place your store into maintenance mode "true"
Step 6: Next goto Design Controls>InfoBox Configure
Step 7: You will want to disable the information table infobox, by pressing the "red" inactive icon. The information_table info box is not supported anymore in 6.4, thus it will need to be disabled, otherwise you will get an error on the upgrade.
Step 8: Make sure your 6.2 template has the pages.php in the boxes folder, follow the path below.
Step 9: Click your template name, then proceed to the next step.
Step 10: Goto your templates boxes folder, and click it, you need to make sure it has a pages.php file, see next step.
Step 11: Make sure your template has the pages.php in the boxes folder, follow the path below.
Step 12: If your site does not have the pages.php file, goto /templates/default/boxes/ and copy that file to your desktop, then go back to your /templates/your template/boxes/ and copy that file to that location. Follow steps 12, 13, 14 and 15
Step 13: Now that your have copied the /templates/default/boxes/pages.php to your desktop, proceed back to your custom template boxes folder, follow the path below.
Step 14: Click your custom templates/yourtemplate/boxes/ folder, and then upload that pages.php from your desktop in step 12 above from your desktop, and upload it back to your custom templates boxes folder.
Step 15: Now your /templates/yourtemplate/boxes/ folder will have the pages.php file. This is needed, beacuse 6.4 does not use the information_table.php info box.
Step 16: Your template will also need the /templates/content/pages.tpl.php file. To copy this file you will/may have to copy it from the content folder below. Follow the path outlined below.
Step 17: Copy this file from the stock content folder to your /templates/your template/content/ folder. Your template may not be using a content folder, so just make sure that you have that file in the /content/ folder. It may be this path /templates/content/pages.tpl.php or this path /templates/your template/content/pages.tpl.php

After all of the above is done, goto your new site (the upgrade side ....www.yoursite.com/new/) and use your FTP program, and upload the saved images folder from your backup in step1 and also upload your template to the new side from steps 2 and 3.


In most cases, when upgrading from CRE 6.2 to 6.4 software, the template will also require some tweaking.  Not all 6.2 infoboxes fail when upgrading but some do if using information_tables.php.  If you are using PRO you must use a PRO template.  You cannot use a B2B template on a PRO store and visa versa.