Upgrading 6.4 to 6.5

Pre Install Procedures For UPGRADING from 6.4 to 6.5
Make sure you have made a complete back of your entire site, using a ftp program or your hosting control panel. Also, back up your current database and save it to your local computer.

The upgrade process must be performed on the same server as the live site.  Your hosting will also need to support having more than one database, because the new site requires its own database.

1) Create a new subfolder on the site, for example maybe call it "new".  The path will then be /new/ and as an example >> yoursite.com/new/

2) Upload the files from the zip for 6.5 to this new folder on yoursite.com/new/

3) Create a new database on your hosting, with all access privledges, and save the info for when you need to enter the details in the install wizard.

4) Goto the live url in your browser and select the upgrade option.

5) Follow all the steps, and make sure you enter the correct path to the current live store.

6) After all of the above is completed, make sure the new 6.5 is working, then move all the files from the /new/ folder to the live side. 

7) Edit the /admin/includes/configure.php and the /includes/configure.php file to remove the /new/ paths to make the site live.