Patching Your CRE LoadedCommerce Store

Procedures For Applying A Patch

1) Make a complete back up of your current site and database. Use a FTP program or your webhosting control panel/plesk file manager to back up your existing site (This is just in case you need to restore your site back if you have any problems while applying the patch).

2) Patches must be applied in sequential order 6.3.1 --> 6.3.2 --> 6.3.3 --> 6.4 -->6.4.1.a etc..
Please Note: Applying patch 6.4 requires your server to be using php 5.2xx or higher. Please refer to the server requirements page HERE

**Also, you cannot patch from 6.4.2 to 6.5, the 6.5 series is a whole new upgrade.  BUT, the 6.5 patches then need to be aplied in order 6.5.0 -->6.5.1.a -->6.5.xx in sequential order.

3) You must be up to date on your current patches, you cannot apply the 6.4 patch to a 6.3.2 site, it must be 6.3.3. Also the patch has to be for the same version, it cannot be for a 6.3.3 Pro and then applied to upgrade to 6.4 B2B.

4) You can find out what patch your current site is using by logging into your admin>tools>server info. Example>> CRE Loaded B2B v6.3.2

5) Log into your account on, then goto your "my downloads" section. Next determine what version/patch your current site is using from the above server info area. Then download the patch files for your version of your cart.

6) Unzip the files on your desktop, then upload the patch files OVER your exisiting website files. Then proceed to and process the upgrade. It will then process the upgrade, and update your database. NOTE: The 6.4.2 patch and above will NOT have an upgrade folder.


IMPORTANT: You must then apply any custom modifications/add ons back to the NEW uploaded patch files. Patch files contain many fixes that are included in the new files, and any custom work you have applied in the past, needs to be added BACK to the newly uploaded patch files. YOU CANNOT overwrite the new patch files with your old custom files, custom work has to be added back to the new patch files.

NOTE: The 6.4.2 patch and above will NOT have an upgrade folder like in the below images

7) After it is completed, your will see the following screen below.