Reports menu

CRE Loaded provides you with complete reporting on all aspects of your store. The reports are generated individually from this menu. Complete information on each report is available in Store Management, Section 2 of the Online Manual.

Products Viewed

This menu generates a list of all of your Products and the number of times each has been viewed, in descending order.

Products Purchased

This menu generates a list of how often each of your Products has been purchased, in descending order.

Articles Viewed

This report shows you how often each of your Articles has been viewed, in descending order.

Customer Wish List

This menu lets you view wish lists created by customers -- products they are interested in but not yet ready to purchase.

Customer Orders-Total

This report lists all of your customers and their total purchases from your store, with the largest totals first.

Generate Order List (CRE Loaded Pro and Pro B2B versions only)

This menu creates a list of products by order status so you can see how many of each product to pull from your shelves when you are processing orders.

Customers Not Validated

This report shows a list of customers who have not yet validated their accounts, along with the date on which they created the account.

Sales Report 2

This report displays daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly sales summaries in any date range you choose.

Product Sales Report (CRE Loaded Standard or Pro) / Product Sales Report (CRE Loaded Pro B2B)

This menu generates a sales report for any particular day.

Customer Statistics

This menu provides information about how many customers have made purchases in a given month and how many of those are repeat customers.

Prod Notifications

This report shows how many customers have requested to be notified of updates to a specific product.

Coupons Redeemed

This menu generates a list of coupons redeemed by month. The data can be exported in CSV format to a spreadsheet.

Monthly Sales/Tax

This menu generates a list of income, taxed and untaxed sales, and total sales tax collected for each month.

Coupons Credit

This report displays a list of customers to whom you have issued credit coupons. See Gift Vouchers and Discount Coupons, Section 1 of the Online Manual for more information.