Administrator menu

The Administrator menu displays the members and groups of Administrators for your site -- that is, all those people with permission to access and edit your CRE Loaded store's back-end. Permissions can be set by Admin Group, so that, for instance, your customer service staff can edit customer details and orders, but only you (as Top Administrator) can edit product prices, set up sales and promotions, etc.

Admin Members

This menu displays every individual with Administrator privileges and lets you add new members and edit existing members.

Groups List — Display the Admin Groups menu.

New Member — Add a new Administrator. Enter the person's name, and email address; select their Admin Group Level from the drop-down menu.

Edit — Edit the selected Administrator's information.

Delete — Remove the selected Administrator and cancel their Admin access.

Admin Groups

This menu lets you create and edit Admin Groups and set the privileges of each.

Back — Display the Admin Members menu.

New Group — Add a new Admin Group. Enter a name for the Group and click "Next." Click "File Permissions." Select each file which you want members of the Group to be able to edit. Note that most of the filenames listed in this menu correspond roughly to Admin menus.

Edit — Edit the name of the selected Group.

Delete — Remove the selected Group.

File Permissions — Edit file permission of the selected Group. Select the files which you want members of the Group to be able to edit; deselect any files you want to prevent members of the Group from altering.

Update Account

This menu contains your Admin password.

Edit — To change your Admin password, enter your current password and click "Confirm," then enter your new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields and click "Save."

File Access

You can control which menus are displayed in your Admin through this menu.

Highlight a main menu entry and click "Insert File." (CRE 6.2 users, click "Store Files.") You will see a list of each sub-menu in that menu category. To add a new sub-menu to a main menu, select the new menu item from the drop-down box and click "Save." To remove a sub-menu from a main menu, highlight it and click "Remove."

Click the green Status dot beside a menu name to display that menu in your Admin. Click the red Status dot to prevent the menu from displaying in your Admin.

Select a menu name and click the folder icon, the green Status dot, or "Insert File" to see the files associated with that menu. To add a new sub-menu, select the filename from the drop-down menu and click "Save."

To remove a sub-menu, select the sub-menu, click the Arrow icon in the Status column, click "Delete," then click "Confirm."