What do I do if my CRE Loaded store has been hacked?


Just like any website or shopping cart, CRE Loaded stores can get hacked by unscrupulous hackers who try to inject malicious code on your website causing it to go down or to steal credit card data.


Typically, we can assist you with these issues if you follow our recommendations first:


·         If your site is not visible to the public, contact your host and have them remove the infected files. Once the store is up and running again you can send us an email to customer.service@creloaded.com and we will provide a site assessment/quote with our recommended options to you at no charge

·         If your store is using 6.2 software and not patched up to 14 - you should patch up your store once the hack is removed.  If you are using the PRO or B2B, login to your creloaded.com customer account and the patches you need will be in your “my downloads” area.  If they are missing from your downloads, please contact customer.service@creloaded.com.  You must patch up in sequential order for the patches to work correctly.

·         If your store is using 6.4 software and it's not patched up to 6.4.1.a - you should patch up your store once the hack is removed.   If using PRO or B2B, login to your creloaded.com customer account and download the patches from your “my downloads” area of your account.

·         We may be able to apply the patches or upgrade your store for a fee, once we determine if we are able to assist you. We cannot reapply custom code after a patch job or an upgrade. All custom work would have to be reapplied by you, a webmastr or your original programmer. Some older templates will not work with the 6.4 software so we need to see your store admin and template before we can determine if we can assist you.

·         If we cannot assist you, we advise that you hire a CRE Loaded freelance programmer who will be able to help you further at www.creloaded.org (Developers Showcase).

·         If you are a hosted customer of CRE Hosting (crehosting.com) and your store has been compromised with malicious code, please contact us at Live Chat or send an email to support@crehosting.com


Our best advice to us is to use CRE Secure to protect your customers credit card data. If your store gets hacked while using CRE Secure you can be PCI Compliant and assure your customers their credit card data was not stored on your site and was not compromised.  Visit www.cresecure.com for more information on this service.