Content Publishing

Create all the content you need to support your online ecommerce business in one place. 

Unlimited pages
Create as many pages as you need. Create what you want with WYSIWYG CKeditor on pages and page categories. 

Company Blog
Create timely posts about news and updates right from Loaded Commerce. Use blog content to engage visitors then seamlessly direct them to your products or services.

Customer Testimonials
Showcase customer stories independent of product relationships, Allow customers to submit their testimonials or administrate them from the admin.

Organize your content your way
Create content categories to automatically group your pages into sections. Control how you want to list your pages in the categories, add thumbnail

Add complex HTML or custom scripts
Because you need more then WYSIWYG on a page, we allow you to attach a server side file to a page to be included when the page is viewed. We call these Auxiliary files. This allows you to create standard to advanced web publishing content that is placed in your site framework. Use it to render complex tables or run custom logic and Javascript.

Menu Integration
Control where you want your pages to appear, such as the main header navigation or in infoboxes, and give them labels for menus and separate values for page headings.

Your viewing content created by loaded commerce right now
All the pages in the feature section and many others are pages in the content system. We control the menu content and heading titles and banners all from the content management system and so can you.