Product Management

Whether you have only a few, or hundreds of thousands of products, you can create, edit and manage your entire product and inventory database easily.

Extensive product data
Keep track of SKU, model numbers, costs, manufacturer, vendors, weight as well important meta data for SEO and merchandising in the catalog.

Inventory controlled sub products
Create product choices, like size or color, that represent specific SKU and QOH values. Set unique images and weight to these product choices. Customize the display of sub products to suit your brand and style.

Quantity break pricing
Set pricing on any product to change based on product quantity ordered. Quantity can be specified to count the items in the current order or be based on the entire order history of a customer.

Product extra fields and filters
Define product characteristics for your catalog and allow visitors to filter for product based on the value.

Product categories
Create unlimited categories with HTML content to display above or below your product listings. Products can exist in multiple categories. Product categories can be deactivated and or restricted to specific customer groups.

Bulk Product Management
Import and export specific categories or your entire catalog to a spreadsheet for super fast updates. You can also use the admin to bulk move, copy or delete multiple products at once.

Quick Price Updates
Edit the price and quantity on hand of multiple products at once right in the admin.

MSRP and Special pricing
Show customers how they save at your store with MSRP display. Put products on special with reduced pricing with optional date limits.

Automatic and curated recommendations
Show customers what other customers have purchased on the product page. You can also display specific product recommendations on any product.

Product reviews and ratings
Great for SEO and increasing conversion, customers can leave their own reviews and ratings on any product which can be moderated in the admin.

Product Wishlist
Customer can add products to a wishlist to increase engagement and conversion over time.

Downloadable Products
Attach files from your FDMS library to products to be released only when purchases are completed and approved.

Product options
Configure unlimited option groups and attributes with or without price modifiers. Options can be displayed at radio, drop down or even collect text.


Innovative and modern admin interface
We work with ecommerce professionals every day, we know how important it is to perform administrative tasks efficiently. We have improved the product administration screens and will continue to do so with each release.