Product Catalog

Make your product catalog easy to navigate and compelling to your visitors.

Unlimited Categories
Organize your catalog the way you want to. Make sub categories and sub categories under them. Products can be placed in more than one category so they appear where it makes sense to.

Shop by price and filters
Dynamically display filter choices based on the contents of a category. Allow fast navigation to the products that your customers are looking for.

Automatic Menu and Links
As you add categories they will appear in the main header navigation or the side infoboxes.  You can control where they appear and what order. 

Advanced Search
Visitors can search your entire catalog in seconds across multiple search criteria.

Manufacturer cross references
Allow your visitors to discover your products based on brands or manufacturers.

Configurable Listing
Customize the number of products per page, the number of columns, and size of the images and which product data appears on your product listings all via admin controls.

Multiple product images
Show off your products with supporting additional images.

HTML descriptions
Add text to category listing to increase clarity for your visitors and provide important keyword content for SEO.

Recommended products
Control what other products you show to customers on the bottom of product info pages.

Featured, special, and new products listers and boxes
Bring attention to your product items byt featuring them, putting them on special or just show the recent additions on your home page or any page using the template infoboxes.